Interactive Marketing Software

Multimedia provides flexible, interactive ways to deliver your business message. Video, animation, graphics, text and dynamic user interfaces all can be integrated as CD, printable literature, DVDs, kiosks, all linked to web content to engage users and provide the most current information. And, multimedia is a cost-effective way to re-purpose existing communication assets.

The SYSTEM IC multimedia team includes artists, producers, programmers, videographers, photographers, writers and more. Each member brings strengths in design, computer technologies, and traditional media, combined with real-world business communication experience. The result is a powerful marketing or training tool geared to your audience.

Multimedia offers content flexibility and cost-effective information delivery.

SYSTEM IC offers numerous flexible and cost effective multi media packages:

  • Entry Level CD-ROM Template graphic design and programming starts at $500.00,
  • Custom designed CD & DVD design and programming is $50 - $75/hr.